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  • The first and maximum specification High Frequency Welding H Beam production line
  • Author:互联网   Count:265  AddTime:2015-08-10

    Design and manufactured by Wanxin Company, the first and maximum specification High Frequency Welding HBeam production line (H800*400*14*16) has been finished installation inclients factory in Guangxi province, and entered the phrase of commissioningand trial production stage.


    With advanced technology, reliable quality,less integrated investment, this line can produce H Beam Height from 200~800mmwith thickness from 3.2 to 16mm, reaches its yearly output 0.3million Ton.Through introducing of this line, our clients greatly improved its competitivenessin light and heavy construction steel structure fields.


    In adoption of the unique online flange andpositioning correction technology, the appearance and size of the H beam can befully guaranteed.


    What is more, using online full servo NCflying shear machine, the shear surface of the H beam is smooth, without burrand oblique edge, without any loss of material, so as to largely improve therate of finished products, and greatly reduced the noise in the productionprocess. Compared with the traditional flying saw, it has obvious advantages.


    The success of this project reflects WanxinCompany's comprehensive technical strength and is playing a pioneering role inexpanding the application scope of High Frequency Welding H Beam.

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