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    Transverse shear common problems and solutions
    Number of views:64    2023-12-15

    Transverse shearing machine is a kind of equipment for cutting coil, common problems and solutions are as follows:

    1. Uneven cutting: the blade may be worn or installed incorrectly, and the blade needs to be replaced or adjusted.

    2, poor cutting: the blade may be too blunt or too worn, need to replace the blade.

    3, the coil skew: may be uneven tension or inaccurate cutting, need to adjust the tension and position of the cutting machine.

    4, cutting noise: the blade may be worn or loose, need to replace or tighten the blade.

    5, slow cutting speed: may be insufficient tension or the blade is too blunt, need to increase the tension or replace the blade.

    6. Stuck when cutting: the blade may be too dull or too worn, and the blade needs to be replaced.

    7, cutting machine failure: may be circuit failure or mechanical parts damage, need to check and repair.

    In short, for the common problems of the transverse shear machine, it is necessary to analyze and solve according to the specific situation, maintain the normal operation of the equipment and improve the work efficiency.

    What is the difference between transverse and longitudinal cut lines
    Number of views:91    2023-12-15

    Transverse cutting line and longitudinal cutting line are two kinds of open circuit modes commonly used in power system.

    Transverse cutting refers to cutting the wire in the power system (usually the insulated wire on the overhead line) in a transverse way to achieve the disconnection of the wire. The transverse cutting wire can be operated by devices such as switches or knives, and is often used for temporary isolation of faulty lines, maintenance or overhaul work. The main feature of the transverse cut wire is that it will form a large short circuit current after the break, so it should be used with caution and pay attention to the impact of the ground current and high voltage equipment.

    The slitting line is to cut the wire in the power system in a longitudinal manner. It is a common way used in the power distribution system, generally through the normal closing, off the load switch and other methods to achieve longitudinal secant. Scuttling lines are often used to control power systems in segments, manage different loads on demand, and run multiple circuits in parallel. Slitting wire usually does not have the problem of large short circuit current as transverse shear wire, but it also needs to pay attention to operation and maintenance performance.

    In general, transverse cutting and longitudinal cutting are two commonly used wire breaking methods in power systems. Transverse shear lines are suitable for temporarily disconnecting faulty lines or performing maintenance work, while longitudinal shear lines are often used for segmented control of different loads in the system. When using these two methods, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection of operation and power equipment.

    Maintenance method of transverse cutting equipment
    Number of views:92    2023-12-15

    Transverse wire cutting equipment is a common industrial equipment, in order to its normal operation and extend the service life, the need for regular maintenance. The following are some common cross-cutting equipment maintenance methods:

    1. Cleaning: Regularly clean the outer surface and internal parts of the transverse cutting equipment to prevent dust accumulation and debris from adversely affecting the operation of the equipment. You can use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner for cleaning, and avoid using water to flush the equipment directly.

    2, lubrication: according to the requirements of the equipment manual, add lubricating oil or grease in the appropriate position to keep the friction part of the equipment well lubricated. Pay attention to the use of appropriate lubricants and refueling amounts to avoid excessive or insufficient.

    3. Fastening: Check whether the connecting parts and fasteners of the transverse cutting equipment are loose. If they are loose, tighten them in time to ensure the stability of the equipment.

    4, maintenance: regular maintenance and overhaul of the equipment, including replacement of worn parts, adjustment of equipment parameters and calibration of measuring instruments. This can improve the accuracy and efficiency of the equipment and avoid equipment failure due to wear.

    5, note: the operation of the transverse cutting equipment should comply with the operating procedures, pay attention to use.

    Please note that the above are some common maintenance methods, and the specific operation should be carried out according to the actual situation of the equipment and the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

    What are the main functions of high-frequency pipe welding machine
    Number of views:93    2023-08-21

    High frequency pipe welding machine forming, mature welding technology and excellent performance, high frequency pipe welding machine is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, electric power, building structure and other industries. The main function of the equipment is to use it when installing pipes. There are many pipeline products on the market now, and each pipeline has its own characteristics. The role of pipeline products in the market is not small, but also the products needed in life. When the high-frequency pipe welding machine is developed in the market, it is generally more promising. High-frequency pipe welding machine in order to obtain a better foothold in the market, but also relatively stable. In addition, the tube wall thickness is large, can meet the requirements of general pipe, and the tube making precision is high. Another point is stable performance and high output.

    High frequency pipe welding machine can be used to weld bimetal composite pipe, such as: air conditioning copper pipe and air conditioning copper pipe, air conditioning copper pipe and seamless steel pipe. Used for welding bimetal composite pipes. After welding, the shape is beautiful, strong, round, uniform heating, no missing solder joints, missing solder joints. The advantages of high-frequency pipe welding machine are also very obvious at work, such as fast induction heating, high efficiency, energy saving and low cost compared with oxygen welding. Small oxidation area. 4, small oxidation area, beautiful appearance after welding. The heating is uniform, and there is no risk of missing welding or welding. In fact, the equipment has high efficiency, fast tooth welding speed, 1-5 seconds/tooth, good repeatability, good repeatability of each tooth, rapid and uniform heating, which can effectively avoid cracking caused by jagged aging and local overheating, and also avoid hidden dangers such as tooth loss caused by incomplete fusion in the gold melting furnace. High toughness sawtooth woodworking saw blade, this woodworking saw blade is actually a saw blade that can not be welded with resistance welding machine, low power consumption (2-3kw/H).

    High frequency pipe welding machine can improve the efficiency of pipe production
    Number of views:61    2023-08-21

    High frequency pipe welding machine is a special equipment used to heat and press metal pipes through high frequency current, so as to connect them into one piece of welding equipment. The high frequency current is combined with the resistance heating of the metal pipe, so that the surface of the pipe is subjected to high temperature and high pressure, so as to form a dense welded joint, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength.

    High frequency welding pipe machine is mainly composed of high frequency generator, transformer, rectifier filter, capacitor, welding electrode, conveyor belt and other parts. The metal pipe is heated and pressed at high frequency, so that the contact surface is heated and thermoplastic, so as to weld quality.

    With the rapid development of industrialization, the application range of high-frequency pipe welding machine in various industries continues to expand, and the market demand continues to increase. In the future, the high-frequency pipe welding machine will continue to play its advantages of high quality and high automation and become an important equipment for the production and manufacturing of various industries.

    As a modern welding equipment, high frequency pipe welding machine has a wide range of application prospects in industrial manufacturing, its maturity and application will greatly improve the existing welding methods, improve production and quality, and lay a solid foundation for the industry to move towards automation and fine industrial processes.

    High-frequency pipe welding machine is a common pipe processing equipment, which uses high-frequency current to process the steel pipe into the desired shape. This equipment is widely used in many industries, such as construction, chemical, petroleum and other fields.

    High frequency current is an essential part of pipe processing. Through the action of high-frequency current, high temperature will be generated inside the steel pipe, making the steel pipe easier to form. The high frequency current can also generate stronger heat during the welding of the steel pipe, thus making the welding more solid.

    Under the action of a high-frequency current, the steel plate is rolled into a circular shape and the two ends are welded together by a roller. The pipe is then cut to a fixed length according to the desired length, resulting in a qualified pipe.

    High-frequency pipe welding machine is widely used in steel pipe manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, aerospace, military and other fields, can produce different diameters, different wall thickness, different materials of steel pipe.

    High-frequency pipe welding machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, stable product quality and convenient operation in pipe production. However, the material error of this equipment is large, which requires continuous quality control and adjustment.

    High-frequency pipe welding machine needs daily equipment cleaning, lubrication and inspection parts and other maintenance work. Before the formal boot, it is also necessary to adjust and check the parameters and parts of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

    High-frequency welding pipe unit selection and use guide
    Number of views:70    2023-08-21

    High-frequency welding pipe equipment is a common welding equipment in modern industrial production, with high efficiency, high precision characteristics, widely used in pipeline manufacturing, building structure and automobile manufacturing and other fields. When selecting and using high-frequency welded pipe equipment, a series of factors need to be considered to ensure the performance and production efficiency of the equipment. This article provides the selection and use guide of high-frequency welding pipe equipment to help you better understand and use this equipment.

    First, high-frequency welding pipe equipment selection

    In the selection process, consider the following factors:

    1. Production demand: First of all, we must clarify our own production demand, including the diameter range of welded pipes, wall thickness requirements and production speed. This will help determine the required equipment specifications and performance.

    2. Equipment stability: The stability of equipment is the key to the stable operation of production. We need to choose equipment with good stability and low failure rates to reduce maintenance costs and production downtime.

    3. Energy saving: In the context of today's increasing awareness of environmental protection, the choice of energy-saving equipment is also a very important consideration. We should choose the equipment that meets the relevant standards to reduce the pollution to the environment.

    4. After-sales service: The after-sales service of the equipment is an important reference factor for our selection. We should choose a manufacturer with good reputation and perfect after-sales service system to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the equipment.

    2. Guidelines for the use of high-frequency welding pipe equipment

    1. Device installation and commissioning: When installing the device, strictly follow the requirements of the manufacturer to ensure that the device is correctly installed. During the debugging process, carefully check the functions and parameters of the device to ensure the normal operation of the device.

    2. Operation specifications: When using the high-frequency welding pipe unit, it is necessary to comply with the operation specifications of the equipment, and overload operation and disorderly operation are strictly prohibited. Operators should receive training and be familiar with the working principle and operation requirements of the equipment.

    3. Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the equipment is the key to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment. Including equipment cleaning, lubrication, fastener inspection, and regular replacement of wearing parts to extend the service life of the equipment.

    4. Production: When using high-frequency welded pipe units, do a good job of accident prevention. Operators should wear protective equipment, pay attention to the operating status of the equipment, and eliminate faults and hidden dangers in time.

    To sum up, the selection and use of high-frequency welded pipe equipment needs to consider factors such as production demand, equipment stability, energy saving and after-sales service. In the process of use, it is necessary to install and debug equipment, comply with operation specifications, carry out maintenance and pay attention to production. These guidelines will help you better choose the right equipment and use it correctly, improving production efficiency and product quality.

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