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Transverse shear common problems and solutions

Transverse shearing machine is a kind of equipment for cutting coil, common problems and solutions are as follows: 1, uneven cutting: may be blade wear or installation is not correct, need to replace or adjust the blade. 2, poor cutting: the blade may be too blunt or too worn, need to replace the blade.

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What is the difference between transverse and longitudinal cut lines

Transverse cutting refers to cutting the wire in the power system (usually the insulated wire on the overhead line) in a transverse way to achieve the disconnection of the wire. The transverse cutting wire can be operated by devices such as switches or knives, and is often used for temporary isolation of faulty lines, maintenance or overhaul work. The main feature of the transverse cut wire is that it will form a large short circuit current after the break, so it should be used with caution and pay attention to the impact of the ground current and high voltage equipment.

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Maintenance method of transverse cutting equipment

Transverse wire cutting equipment is a common industrial equipment, in order to its normal operation and extend the service life, the need for regular maintenance. The following are some common cross-cutting equipment maintenance methods: 1, cleaning: regularly clean the external surface and internal parts of the cross-cutting equipment to prevent dust and debris from adversely affecting the operation of the equipment. You can use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner for cleaning, and avoid using water to flush the equipment directly.

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What are the main functions of high-frequency pipe welding machine

High frequency pipe welding machine forming, mature welding technology and excellent performance, high frequency pipe welding machine is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, electric power, building structure and other industries.

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High frequency pipe welding machine can improve the efficiency of pipe production

High frequency pipe welding machine is a special equipment used to heat and press metal pipes through high frequency current, so as to connect them into one piece of welding equipment. The high frequency current is combined with the resistance heating of the metal pipe

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High-frequency welding pipe unit selection and use guide

High-frequency welding pipe equipment is a common welding equipment in modern industrial production, with high efficiency, high precision characteristics, widely used in pipeline manufacturing, building structure and automobile manufacturing and other fields.

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